The mission of the Riverdale Public Library is to provide educational, informational, recreational and cultural materials and services to all residents of the community. These goals will be considered in the development of the collection and will receive priority in the allocation of resources and funds.

Selection and purchase of library materials rests with the Library Director who may delegate some responsibilities to other staff members. Staff will adhere to accepted professional practices when making selection decisions. Materials will be selected based on positive reviews in professional journals, actual examination and evaluation of materials and, at times, popular demand. Suggestions from the community for items to be considered for purchase are strongly encouraged, but materials must meet selection criteria.

The Riverdale Public Library does not acquire textbooks that support local curricula, but may acquire textbooks for general use by the public. Multiple copies and paperback books may be purchased to meet demand. The library will have material available in a variety of formats when available and practical. Video and audio recordings will be selected for potential long-term use. Regardless of an item’s popularity, the library may choose not to select it, because its format is not durable enough to withstand reasonable library use, or it would require excessive staff time to maintain. Objections to items in the collection should be made in writing to the Library Director. Materials that no longer meet the needs of the community and no longer support the library’s collection will be withdrawn and disposed of in accordance with the library’s “Withdrawal of Materials” policy.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees
Materials that no longer meet the needs of the community and no longer support the library’s collection development goals will be withdrawn from the collection. This may include materials that are damaged, include obsolete information or are no longer used. Decisions will be based on accepted professional practice and the professional judgment of the Library Director or designated staff. When necessary, local specialists will be consulted to determine reliability of the information provided by the materials.

Items withdrawn from the collection will be disposed of in accordance with local law, which permits discarding into the trash, recycling of paper, or transfer to the Friends of the Riverdale Public Library for sale. Discarded magazines and newspapers may be given to other area libraries or social service agencies at the discretion of the Library Director.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees July 8, 2002
The Riverdale Public Library welcomes gifts of new and used books, audio books, videos, and similar materials. Items will be added to the collection in accordance with the Collection Development policy of the library. Once donated, items become the property of the Riverdale Public Library and may be given to other libraries or non-profit organizations, sold, traded, or discarded if they are not added to the collection. Donated items will not be returned to the donor and the library will not accept any item that is not an outright gift. The library also reserves the right to decide when a gift added to the collection must be withdrawn.

The library will acknowledge receipt of donated items but is unable to set fair market or appraisal values. It is recommended that the donor make a list of items donated. If items are being donated to obtain a tax benefit, it is the donor’s responsibility to establish fair market value or obtain expert assistance in establishing any value.

Monetary gifts, bequests, and memorial or honorary contributions are particularly welcome. Funds donated will be used to purchase items in accordance with the Collection Development policy of the library. If address information is provided, notice about books, movies and other materials purchased with bequests, memorial or honorary contributions will be sent to the family of the person being recognized.

Acceptance of donations of equipment, stock, artifacts, works of art, and other items will be determined by the Library Board of Trustees based on suitability to the purposes and needs of the library, laws and regulations that govern the ownership of the gift, and the library’s ability to cover insurance and maintenance costs associated with the donation.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees July 8, 2002
The Riverdale Public Library is pleased to offer access to the wealth of resources on the Internet. We would like to remind the users of this service that:

− Some or all of the resources may be unavailable at any time for technical reasons over which the Riverdale Public Library has no control.
− Patrons’ use of the facility and the equipment for access to the Internet will be managed to allow the greatest use by the greatest number of people.
− Library personnel have no control over the quality of information on the Internet. Each user must evaluate the validity and reliability of the information found.
− Parents or guardians, NOT the library or its staff, are responsible for Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.
− Some materials may be offensive, disturbing and/or illegal. Library personnel do not monitor or supervise Internet access, except for length of time of use.
− Use of the Internet should be consistent with the library’s mission to provide educational, informational, and cultural material and services to residents of the community.
− The library reserves the right to end an Internet session.
In addition, please be aware of the following: − Viewing child pornography is against the law NJSA 2C: 24-4 (4) (b)

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees July 8, 2002
The Riverdale Public Library encourages people of all ages to visit the library. Those using the library and its resources have the right to expect a safe, comfortable environment that supports appropriate library services.

People demonstrating disruptive behavior will be required to leave the library after one warning from library staff. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, noisy, boisterous actions; inappropriate behavior, including eating, smoking, running, or loud talking; misuse of library property; uncooperative attitude; or actions that deliberately annoy or prevent others from the legitimate use of the library and its resources. Abusive language and behavior toward staff with not be tolerated.

The following activities are not allowed in the Riverdale Public Library:
• Patrons without shoes or shirts.
• Patrons wearing roller blades, cleats, or other damaging footwear.
• Eating or drinking, except in the Meeting Rooms during scheduled activities or in another area designated by the Board of Trustees.
• Use of audio equipment, cell phones, beepers, and hand-held electronic toys.
• Smoking or use of alcohol or controlled dangerous substances.
• Carrying a weapon or weapons into the library unless authorized by law. Any person authorized to carry a weapon must notify library staff that he/she is carrying a weapon in the library.
• Bringing animals into the library; guide dogs for the physically-challenged will be permitted.
• Misusing the restrooms (e.g., using the restroom as a laundry or washing facility).
• Talking loudly, making noise or engaging in other disruptive conduct.
• Solicitation of contributions or signatures, including employment ads and political campaigning.
• Conducting surveys without the permission of the library administration.
• Photographing on the library premises without the permission of the library administration and all those photographed.
• Interfering with another person’s use of the library or with the library personnel’s performance of their duties.
• Engaging in unlawful sexual conduct, including, but not limited to, public indecency, viewing obscene material or offensive touching.
• Destroying, damaging or defacing library property.
• Stealing library materials.
• Threatening or physically harming library staff or persons using the library.
• Engaging in any activities prohibited by Federal, State, or local law.
• Unauthorized use of networked computers and other library equipment.
• May not use the workstations to gain unauthorized access to the library network or computer system, or any other networks and computer systems.
• Must sign-in at the appropriate department for use of a computer and follow the library’s Internet policy.
• May not obstruct other people’s work by consuming large amounts of system resources or by deliberately crashing or causing degradation of any library computer system performance.
• May not attempt to damage computer equipment or software, alter software configurations or install any software.
• Violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements.
• Violate Federal, State or local laws or regulations.

Any patron not abiding by these or other rules and regulations of the library will be required to leave the library premises. Library employees may contact the Riverdale Police if deemed advisable.

Any patron who violates these rules and regulations may be denied the privilege of access to the library by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the library Director. A patron whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees
July 8, 2002
Updated January 12, 2004
Updated October 20, 2008
The Riverdale Public Library maintains collections of books, audio visual materials, magazines and newspapers for use by the public. All circulation is restricted to patrons with a library borrower’s card that is valid for use at the Riverdale Public Library.

Loan Periods Loan periods for children’s and adult books and other items are defined below.
Books - 28 days, $0.10 per day, Maximum Fine $2.00
New Books - 14 days, $0.10 per day, Maximum Fine $2.00
Audio Books - 28 days, $0.10 per day, Maximum Fine $2.00
Movies - 7 days, $1.00 per day, Maximum Fine $5.00
Non-Fiction DVDs - 14 days, $0.10 per day, Maximum Fine $5.00
Magazines - 28 days, $0.10 per day, Maximum Fine $2.00
Newspapers - Do not circulate • Reference Materials - Do not circulate

Fines and Fees
• Any item exceeding the loan period specified is subject to a fine as defined above.
• Fines are not assessed for days the library is closed.
• The default price indicated on the Morris County Automated Information Network (M.A.I.N.), plus a $2.00 processing fee will be charged for lost or damaged materials. An item is considered lost when it is overdue 90 days.
• A patron’s borrowing privileges will be blocked when outstanding fines reach $10.00.
• A two-day grace period is granted for books. However, if the item is returned beyond this time, fines will accrue from the first day the item was overdue. Movies and any item with a per diem fine greater than 10 cents are not eligible for a grace period.

Renewals Books and other materials may be renewed two times for the established loan period, providing there are no outstanding reserves or holds on the items.
Inter-Library Loan Materials
Books that are provided via inter-library loan may have a shorter loan period as established by the lending library or library consortium. Fines are assessed using the Riverdale Public Library schedule above.
Payment for lost or damaged items will be made to the lending library.
Lending Restrictions The library reserves the right to limit the number of books or materials borrowed to two (2) on any one subject.
From time to time it may be necessary for the library to limit loan periods or further limit the number of books or materials for checkout because they are in high demand, such as books for book discussion groups or materials needed for class assignments.
I Introduction
The Riverdale Public Library’s Local History Collection is designed to assist the citizens of Riverdale by both acquiring and preserving materials intended for use by community members. The Local History Collection includes a wide range of materials pertaining to state, county and municipal histories. The collection can be used for research, education, recreation and exhibition.

II Scope
For the purposes of the collection, local history materials are defined as those relating directly to the history of the borough of Riverdale, as well as those pertaining to the histories of both Morris County and the State of New Jersey. The broader histories are included in this collection mainly because Riverdale, as an individual municipality, has a rather brief history. Because of this, a great deal of Riverdale history is encompassed within these broader historical works.

III Classification
When possible, materials in this collection are to be cataloged within the MAIN system. The material’s shelf location should include the abbreviation “NJ” indicating the material’s status as part of the Local History Collection. All materials are located on the Library’s uppermost level.
Some materials cannot be cataloged within the MAIN syste. Donations in particular may be difficult to catalog. A finding aid has been created for each piece of uncataloged material.

IV Acquisitions
The Library seeks to acquire substantive materials our patrons will consider valuable to their research and/or recreational needs. These materials include, but are not limited to:
• General histories of counties, cities and towns
• Histories pertaining to a specific period of time, such as the Civil War Era
• Photographs and drawings
• Riverdale Public School and Pompton Lakes High School publications (e.g., yearbooks)
• Maps
• Newspaper clippings
• Scrapbooks
Materials are acquired in a variety of ways, including patron donations. The Librarian in charge of the collection will accept donations upon review. The Library, however, cannot perform monetary appraisals for donors.
The Library is not equipped to adequately provide our patrons with certain forms of the media; as a result, these forms will not be included in this collection. Microfiche is the most obvious example of this restriction.

V Preservation
All materials are to be examined by the librarian in charge of the collection on a periodic basis.
The aforementioned librarian is responsible for taking measures to ensure the collection’s materials are preserved through appropriate means. Folders, binders, jacket covers and other archival tools are to utilized when necessary.

VI Access
All patrons are to be given free access to the Library’s collection. While most of the materials are non-circulating, there are a number of duplicate copies that are available for circulation. These documents can be circulated to patrons for a 28-day loan period. Materials housed within the locked shelving units are under restricted access. Patrons must request to see this material, and patrons are required to sign the sign in sheet before viewing these materials. A Library employee should supervise the patron’s research as much as possible.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees October 17, 2005
The Board of Trustees of the Riverdale Public Library seeks to make every attempt to meet the needs of the residents of the Borough of Riverdale in regards to the operation of the library.
On occasion a patron has a concern, complaint or suggestion that he or she feels should be addressed. In order to enable the library to address these concerns, complaints or suggestions, the patron is encouraged to write pertinent comments on the appropriate form and submit it for review by the Library Director and the Board of Trustees. Every effort will be made to address the patron’s concerns in a timely manner.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees February 11, 2002
The Riverdale Public Library supports every patron’s right to have his or her library records remain confidential. Library records include patron registration data, circulation records, overdue and reserve records, participation in library sponsored programs, record of library visits, and/or any data that contain information that links a specific patron to specific materials or services used. Each patron has individual control over his or her borrower’s card and presentation of the card permits access to information about the borrower’s current circulation record. Except during the actual period of transaction (circulation, maintenance or record on unpaid fines, reservation of materials) the library will not maintain a record of transactions. When no longer needed for library administration purposes, records will be expunged.
In compliance with N.J.S.A. 18A: 73-43.21, no information will be released to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order or subpoena, properly presented to the library administrator, or when disclosure is requested by the legally registered borrower.
Nothing in this policy shall prevent authorized library personnel from using library records in the administration of their regular duties.
1N.J.S.A. 18A: 73-43.2. Confidentiality of library users’ records Library records which contain the names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of libraries are confidential and shall not be disclosed except in the following circumstances:
a. The records are necessary for the proper operation of the library;
b. Disclosure is requested by the user; or
c. Disclosure is required pursuant to a subpoena issued by a court or court order.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees February 11, 2002
The Riverdale Public Library is a public facility that offers services to a wide range of citizens. It is responsible for providing an environment that is safe and comfortable for every patron using its services and facilities appropriately. It is our desire to make every visit enjoyable, memorable, and safe for young children.
Children of all ages are encouraged to use the library for homework, recreational reading, and program attendance. The library staff realizes that the library will be noisier at busy times and that children by nature can cause commotion. Children and young people are, however, expected to follow the same standards of patron conduct expected of adults (Library Behavior Policy).
Parents, guardians, caregivers or assigned chaperones are responsible for the behavior of their children while in the library or on library grounds. The library staff is not expected to assume responsibility for the care of unsupervised children in the library. In order to insure the highest level of safety for our young patrons, the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy:
• Children ten-years-old and under must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, caregiver, assigned chaperone or other designated responsible person while in the library or on library property.
• Children six-years-old and under may never be left unsupervised in any area of the library.
• If the child is attending a library program, we recommend that the parent/caregiver remain in the library throughout the program.
• If a parent or caregiver cannot be located, staff will contact the Riverdale Police Department or other appropriate authority to report an abandoned child.
Disruptive Children
Children (whether with parents or not) who are being continually disruptive will:
• Be given a warning that he/she must settle down or will be asked to leave the library.
• Be asked to leave the library, if after a second warning he/she continues to be disruptive.
• Be permitted to call a parent, if he/she cannot safely leave the library to return home on his or her own, and will wait with a staff person until the parent arrives.
• Be allowed to remain at the library under close supervision, if no parent can be contacted, or the library staff may contact the Riverdale Police Department or other appropriate authority depending upon the severity of the situation.

Unattended Children at Closing Time
Children who have not been picked up at closing time will be given the opportunity to call a parent. Children who have not been picked up within fifteen minutes after closing will be left in the care of the Riverdale Police Department or other appropriate authority. Under no circumstances will staff transport children in a vehicle or accompany them home.

Approved by the Riverdale Public Library Board of Trustees October 4, 2001